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What Everyone Wants to Know: Pricing

Every wedding is different. Every flower is different. Each couple has a specific budget they are trying to stick with. Because of this, we work closely with couples to discuss their floral vision. For some, this means they have everything, down to the variety of roses they would like to incorporate, figured out. But for many, an overall aesthetic is (ie: colors and theme) is all that is of concern. Therefore, we set up a meeting to discuss these details with couples so that we can create a specific, detailed quote that is unique to each wedding. At the moment, we do not have minimums. We can cater to any type of budget. We do offer two types of packages as described below:

Partial Service Package

This package is for you if:

-Your flower budget is less than $1,500

-Your floral needs are limited (ie: personal flowers only: bouquets and boutonnieres)

-You are willing to pick up your flowers at our studio the day before your wedding, OR willing to pay a delivery fee to have these dropped off at the venue the day of your wedding

-Do not need any rental items (ie: vases, candles, etc.)

Full Service Package

This package is for you if:

-Your flower budget is $1,500 and above

-You need personal flowers (bouquets and boutonnieres), as well as centerpieces

-You are hoping for on-site installations (ie: arbor/chuppah flowers, hanging greenery, floral hoops, etc)

-You need rental items (ie: vases, candles, fabric, etc.)

-You would like all flowers delivered to the venue, and any rental items to be picked up by us the next day

Please note that ALL FLOWERS* used in your wedding are for you to keep!!!

*Flowers must be taken out of any vases that are rented/provided

Photo by Autumn Layne Photography

Photo by Autumn Layne Photography

Cover Photo by Kerrilynne Photography